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Yes Pakistani men are disproportionately involved in grooming gangs, and no, that is not a racist statement.

Neither is it racist to say that when it comes to wider child abuse nearly 90 per cent of those convicted and on the sex offenders register are white men Just this week, as we saw 17 evil men and one woman found guilty of almost 100 sex abuse offences, we must first acknowledge the bravery of the victims of these brutal crimes, as well as how unimaginable it must be to have to relive the evil and the horrors that they went through.

When I came down with the flu, he accompanied me to my therapy at the clinic and read to me from with me -- one of the weepiest chick flicks ever made -- and actually shed a few tears when it ended.

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We can’t stigmatise whole communities because of the evil few that we have within them.As we plunge further into this debate, let’s not drown out the most important voices which are those of the victims of this brutal evil.In September 1999 -- my first month in China -- I had a huge crush on a guy.But I figured surely I wasn't alone in my feelings.Surely the other female foreign teachers at my college had secret crushes of their own.

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